As our differences make us stronger,
our common ground gives us power.

We are a team designing and building ideas towards impacting the world in a positive way. We’re champions for collaboration. Our purpose is to help people bringing meaningful projects into reality by adding our strengths to your superpowers.


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Bringing an idea to life or tackling other complex problems sometimes means adding new skills to strengthen the talent you already have. Our team is made not only of our combined strengths but of how well we can play together.

  1. Design

    Designing the invisible

    Design is at the core of everything we do. We use design not just as a tool to come up with solutions for the everyday problems but to help reframing the problems itself. In complexity is where we thrive. In our process design is a collaborative tool for co-creation so everybody is involved in solving the right problem. We want to deal with the causes not the symptoms. If we’re designing a brand or a website we want to understand your organization as well as you do. If we’re improving a product or a service we want to make sure we’re doing it for the right reasons.

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  2. Communication

    To communicate is to connect

    Creating awareness about our intent is more about listening than speaking. To understand why people might need what we have to give we need to start conversations that make everyone feel they are part of. We need not tactics but instead use honesty as a tool to find the right message. Writing the perfect description or making a video to tell an inspiring story is all about finding the right content.

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  3. Method

    The doing

    You might have noticed by now that we talk very little about what we do. What we do serves only the purpose to what we want to achieve. The way we do it is what makes us, us. If we become the best in Doing, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. If we develop a process that everyone trusts in and that generates autonomy, we’re creating an environment where everyone can give their best.

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  4. Spaces

    Making space for collaboration

    The way we use a space affects on how we behave. How a space is designed can make more for collaboration between its users than any book of rules, controlling authority or inspirational quotes. If we want something to happen we need to make sure that the space for it exists and that everybody understands how to use it. We need it to adapt to the needs of the users and that anyone can be part of these changes. We’re happier when the environment serves us and when that happens, magic takes place.

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  5. Participation

    Radical collaboration

    Movements all over the world are trying to answer an age-old question. How can we make people more participative? Disconnection is at the core of this problem. We don’t feel responsibility for anything that we don’t respect or trust. There is too many degrees of separation between us and our methods of governance. We need to look into new models that give us equal access to information and resources, tools and processes that enable anyone to participate and have an active part in decision making. People want to participate, we just need to make it possible.

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  6. Learning

    Learning based organizations

    To become more innovative we have to do things differently. We need to be willing to work collectively towards the future, to be able to create the results we truly desire. We believe we shouldn’t be teaching others what to do but learning together. It’s not just accepting difference but using it as a benefit. This way we are more able to adapt into different situations. With this new mindset we can create a true change. Together.

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The team

The team

Jacks of all trades,
Masters of some

Individually we have many different talents. We draw, we write, we program, we facilitate. But what we share in common, is the ability to play many roles and connect experience and knowledge from multiple fields to come up with solutions.

Our culture of distributed organizing and the ability to gather a diverse crowd around ideas is what makes us Komuhn.